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Protection of Vulnerable Road Users lies at the heart of everything Dawes Highway Safety seeks to achieve. Cost-effective British innovations to cut accidents.

About Dawes Highway Safety

Dawes Highway Safety was founded in 2015 by James Dawes, a former motorcycle police officer in London’s Metropolitan Police Service. As a road policing sergeant, James witnessed numerous road traffic accidents in the capital. He saw first hand the impact and devastation accidents can have on all involved. His passion for safety and the protection of vulnerable road users led to the creation of Dawes Highway Safety and the creation of unique and innovative products to protect the public, whether on foot or two wheels.

As a keen cyclist James is very passionate about limiting injuries and fatalities for cyclists and pedestrians. Having identified the horrific effects of the rear wheels of HGVs, James has invented a range of safety solutions, including PeoplePanel®  and DawesGuard® to counteract this, and reduce injury.

Our team are predominantly former Metropolitan Police traffic officers, supported in partnership by our principal engineer, Jim Holden (OND). We are all dedicated to pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering to maximise the safety of all vulnerable road users.

Our vision is to build upon strong partnerships with leading road safety organisations. We work closely with many flagship companies in the cycle, construction, freight and transport industries. Every aspect of what we do is formed on listening to the experience and views of members of those communities, and ensuring their needs are met.

We are very proud to be a British company. All of our products are designed and manufactured in the UK.


If you would like to meet our team, please contact us on 01264 332 414.