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Axtell Concrete upgrade vehicles with PeoplePanels® to reduce operational risk.

Axtell Concrete are upgrading their vehicles with PeoplePanels® from Dawes Highway Safety to increase awareness around their vehicles and reduce operational risk.

The concrete industry is a notoriously harsh environment for vehicles to operate in and vehicles require very frequent washing and exposure to chemicals. The previous result of this was that mandatory warning stickers were continually being washed off.

Axtell fitted all of their vehicles with BlindSpotSigns™ and FORSigns™ from Dawes Highway Safety over a year ago, which put an end to their issues with stickers once and for all.

Research shows that properly manufactured flat panel side guard covers significantly reduce the chance of death or serious injury to a person in the event of a collision. Furthermore significant live trials demonstrate a positive risk reduction out on the open road because a warning directly in a car driver’s eye-line encourages them to create more distance between the lorry and their own vehicle. This increases margin for error and reduces the chances of a collision happening in the first place.

Axtell’s Transport Manager – Russell Hughes (Pictured above left) first approached us for robust safety solutions as part of Axtell joining FORS (Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme). Version 5 of the FORS safety standard specifically names smooth flat panel side guards as an enhancement to mandatory safety equipment. PeoplePanels® are the UK’s leading manufacturer of impact tested side guard safety systems.

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