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Dawes Highway Safety working round the Clock for CLOCS

DawesGuard, Dennis EagleLast week was very busy for Dawes Highway Safety. Our design team worked closely with Dennis Eagle to create bespoke PeoplePanels® and complete TWO flagship vehicles exhibited at the CLOCS progression event at London Excel on 14 March.

Fitted during ‘vehicle downtime’ on Saturday 11th, every attention to detail was afforded to this very special project. RAL codes were matched, fixing rivets were especially powder coated and the panels were finished in an aviation grade self-cleaning liquid so they will stay cleaner for longer between washes. Our FORS/CLOCS/CCS recognised PeoplePanel® safety equipment includes our own copyrighted phraseology and imagery while accurately reflecting the company’s brand and commitment to road safety under our registered design.

The PeoplePanel® is very much a new innovation invented by me after witnessing (on several occasions during my police service) collisions where unnecessary injuries to cyclists, pedestrians and motorbikers were caused from hitting the sharp edges of simple safety signs ‘knocked up’ from thin aluminium or sheet steel. In contrast our plastic composite materials have been heavily researched and put through impact testing to prove they will bend in the event of a collision with a person instead of cutting through clothing, skin and bone like old fashioned panels could.

PeoplePanels® look stunning and draw huge attention to the vehicle. Primary research shows that vulnerable road users are far more likely to create distance between themselves and the danger zone as a result of its presence. If a collision should occur our soft panel; manufactured to maximise coverage of side protection, virtually eliminates the chance of entanglement in the type of standard side protection bars (LSP) that became compulsory in London on 1st September 2016.

The CLOCS progression event is at the forefront of safer fleet and urban operations and PeoplePanels® also featured on vehicles from Mercedes Benz (Travis Perkins) and several Volvo demonstrator vehicles (supplied by Thompsons).

Whatever type of HGV you operate, from a tipper to an artic, from a trailer to a horsebox. If you would like to find out how PeoplePanels® can help you improve safety, increase brand CSR and even reduce drag to help save fuel at higher speeds we’d love to hear from you. Please call us on 01264 332 414.

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