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Earned Recognition HS2 Contract Identifier

Dawes Highway Safety Group are an HS2 approved supplier. We supply DVSA Earned Recognition HS2 Identifiers.

Any operator who has the Earned Recognition HS2 module and is working on an HS2 contract or an HS2 site will need to display this identifier.

The identifier should only be displayed in your cab when entering, and while on, an HS2 site. It should not be displayed while the vehicle is on the public highway.

The ‘HS2’ should be displayed facing out of the windscreen and the ‘DVSA Earned Recognition’ side should be inside facing the cab.

The identifiers will be linked to the ER GOV.UK page along with your operator licence disc. This will give greater security for HS2 ensuring vehicles entering and exiting the HS2 sites are contract holders only.

An official identifier is mandatory for some HS2 contracts. Earned Recognition members operating under the DVSA Earned Recognition HS2 module may have contracts that require an official identifier.

Earned Recognition HS2 Contract Identifier Application Form

    Entitlement to the Identifier

    Scan of HS2 module completion certificate.

    Accepted Form of ID

    For example, a photo driving licence or ID card.