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Enfield becomes first UK council to enhance their entire fleet’s safety with PeoplePanels®

Enfield Council were proudly displaying one of their new Mercedes Econics with bespoke PeoplePanels® at the 2018 Southern Municipal Expo and they very hard to miss…but then that’s the idea.

Dawes Highway Safety have worked closely with Enfield council and its chosen body suppliers to develop a design that is on-brand, clear, polite, non-instructive and unarguably sets a standard for others to follow.

Impact tested PeoplePanels® join several other market leading safety systems including the very latest cameras from VisionTrack .

Smooth flat panel side guards with prominent warning signage (PeoplePanels®) are shown to offer huge benefits to cyclists and pedestrians and are formally recognised as ‘best practise’ in the 2018 FORS standard (version 4.1.iii).

Images released with kind permission of Enfield Council & Julian Minta
Body supplied by CP Davidson

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