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Setting a new standard in protecting vulnerable road users
Patent Pen. 1512394.6

DawesGuard® incorporating DropDown® technology

Most serious and fatal accidents involving heavy vehicles and cyclists or pedestrians, happen when the vulnerable road user falls under the vehicle and is run over by the rear wheels.

Our revolutionary safety apparatus, DawesGuard®, unlike any standard under-run bar, actually makes contact with the road surface, preventing the vehicle’s wheels passing over any person on the ground.

The DawesGuard® utilises the patented, fully retractable DROP-DOWN® Safety System. The system is permanently deployed to make constant contact with the road surface.


The driver can retract the system using controls in the cab, so full ground clearance is restored, when the vehicle is used in off-road environments such as building sites and quarries. The system is aerodynamic, extremely robust, simple to fit, and not susceptible to water or dirt ingress in any way.

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